"You know  you're a true artist when you can taste the difference between a left Twix and a right Twix."   -Nick Cutelli-

A little bit about Nick 

Nick Cutelli is an actor, writer, and educator with a passion for modern teaching approaches and inclusion in the arts. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Southeast Missouri State University and is currently working towards his Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Idaho.

Nick's career has taken him across the country, with training/performing at Second City Chicago and seven years spent working as an actor and teacher in Los Angeles. During this time, he was part of the Emmy award-winning WEHO TV News and was recognized with the Davis Bennet Award for Best Undergrad Career at Southeast Missouri State University.

Nick has also achieved success as a writer, placing in the quarterfinals of the Final Draft Big Break competition twice. His teaching style balances the artistic and business aspects of the industry, offering students a holistic approach to pursuing a career in theatre.

Outside of his work as an actor and teacher, Nick is a vocal advocate for inclusion in the arts, particularly for actors with disabilities. He believes that everyone should have equal opportunities to express themselves and share their talents on stage and screen.